About CRG

The Community Response Group (CRG) was born as a result of the increase in number of deaths arising from the Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone. For the past three months we have watched as the casualty figures grew. Sierra Leone as whole was in a state of shock and ill preparedness. We all seemed to be in state of helplessness and disbelief as we heard reports of our country being ravaged by this deadly virus. It was then that we decided that this state of helplessness needed to stop and we should act now as a community united by the desire to support the efforts of the Government of Sierra Leone in containing the spread of this Ebola virus. The group CRG is a local one, consisting of ordinary Sierra Leoneans who have decided to donate their time, energy and expertise to:

  1. Galvanize Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone to contribute much needed supplies (Chlorine, disposable gloves, sanitizers, protective gear, etc.) in the fight against Ebola.
  2. Sensitize on preventive measures by partnering with different individuals, companies and institutions to create and disseminate health education and sensitization materials and messages.



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