SL Emergency Ebola Fund | By Khadi Mansaray

Photos by: Tommy Trechard for Aljazeera

Photos by: Tommy Trechard for Aljazeera

” You may be aware of the Ebola Virus problem in West Africa. My country is in a state of emergency and finding it difficult to cope.

There have been over 800 ebola deaths in the region and over 200 in Sierra Leone. We have the highest number of incidences in the region with 591 confirmed cases.
The Eastern region of Sierra Leone is closest to the Liberian border has been hardest hit. This region was also badly affected by the civil war and has poor infrastructure making it even more difficult to cope with the crisis.

One of the biggest challenges is burying the victims. The bodies of ebola victims are highly infectious and many people are exposed during this time. The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society backed by the International Red Cross Society are assisting with this difficult task. The Sierra Leone Emergency Ebola Fund provides support to the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society in assisting 6.3 million people who are at risk of being affected by the outbreak and dead body management is a key component of the response.

Other teams focus on raising awareness about the disease, monitoring those who may have come into contact with an infected person, and providing psychosocial support to victims, their families, and communities.Your contribution will go to helping in these areas.
Please give whatever you can, and share our GoFund Me Page to your network. Every little helps.

Please make a donation.”



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