Salone Twitter Chat on Ebola

As of August 9th 2014, WHO reports that Sierra Leone has 656 confirmed cases and 276 deaths from the Ebola Virus since the start of the outbreak in the Mano River Region. As front line workers, it is the country’s medical staff that have been the hardest hit losing atleast 50 doctors, nurses and other personnel so far. On July 29th, Sierra Leone lost one of its most dedicated fighters, Dr. Sheik Umar Kahn, who tended to over 100 Ebola patients. Today another fighter, Dr. Modupe Cole, is battling for his life against the deadly virus. However, not all medical staff who have taken up the challenge to battle Ebola have suffered this fate. Two American missionary doctorswere evacuated out of Liberia but not before they were given what we now know was life saving doses of an Ebola cure called Zmapp produced by Mapp Pharmaceuticals. Since then other governments including, Spain and Liberia, have requested its use for some of their own medical staff. Should the Sierra Leonean government also request Zmapp for Dr. Cole and other medical staff? Is it advisable to ask for the mass use of experimental and untested drugs on Sierra Leoneans? Who should get it and who shouldn’t? Who gets to decide? Given the current crisis these are questions that we must ask and answer. Join us for a Tweet Chat to discuss this and more on Wednesday August 13th



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