The Innovation Lab Exhibition


Yesterday at the Prince of Wales Secondary School, a group of us were privy to hope as we toured around a class room, from table to table seeing all kinds of creative ideas by young Sierra Leoneans. Each table housed an innovative project that spoke to creativity, solution and more importantly vision. These young students were film makers, urban designers, waste management developers, city builders, artists, and textile guru’s. Each student taking the time to explain their concept and their product. It was a breath of fresh air for many reasons. Freetown, has being grey the past couple of days and the city feels heavy as we try to grapple with the Ebola outbreak, floods in the provinces, failing business and heightened since of poverty. The vicious cycle of depression was rudely interrupted by a bright colour of hope. These students awakened many of us to the future. Here they were, young, bright eyed, excited to be talking about their project and more importantly hopeful.

IMG_0754 IMG_0758 IMG_0764 IMG_0770 IMG_0774 IMG_0788

A Big thank you to Janice Williams, Director of the Innovation Labs and an active member of the Community Response Group (CRG) for inviting us. The innovation lab exhibition was a reminder that we must work harder to protect the future of this country because our rising stars have dreams and they must grow up in an environment that will nurture their brilliance – who knows, perhaps the real cure to the devastating Ebola disease lays in the hands of one of the students in that room.


Janice Williams, Director of Innovation Labs Sierra Leone



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